Press-casting in Sculpey


For a mixed-media sculptural project I’m working on at the moment I’m trying various ways of ‘casting’ leaf forms. I’ve already tried painting resin into the mould forms and the results were nicely thin and delicate looking but difficult to manipulate into the variations I wanted. I’ve done some press-casting with Sculpey in the past and found it much more versatile. The results are durable enough if properly baked, dependent on how they’re integrated with the rest and .. as long as the finished piece is not thrown around!

I modelled the prototype forms below as flat reliefs on a Pvc base. I didn’t want to mimic the exact vein structure of leaves too closely, just suggest a ‘cabbage-y’ feel in this case. I made use of a custom modelling tool I’d made some time ago for simulating a tree bark pattern (shown in one of the later photos below)…

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