So a few weeks ago I was lying late in bed feeding my addiction – Pinterest- as you do, and I felt the route I have been thinking for my forth year research into the history of the Pictish and Celts to reinvent a new contemporary form of Scottish jewellery just wasn’t giving me the inspiration needed.Perhaps the area is too large for such a short space of time, something that might have to be picked up again at a later date. Anyway, sifting throughout my boards it all just came to me to just pick a place that I love and do what inspires you. I knew that I defiantly wanted to use nature and wood in my pieces incorporated with some sort of gemstone or resin- and then my brain did the almighty Ping!

Once of my favourite places to visit -lucky someplace close – is Pitlochry. Every year there is an enchanted forest sound and light show in Fiscally Woods nearby. It is mesmerising! Alongside this forest, Pitlochry is famous for is its Heathergem factory. Heathergems are something that has fascinated me every since I was interested in jewellery .
Scottish Jewelry with natural Heathergems comes to us from the central Highlands of Scotland. This beautiful collection of Celtic Jewelry is made with natural heather stems. The older heather is harvested from the hillsides, cut, cleaned, dyed and compressed into a block. The block is then cut and the pieces are shaped, sanded and lacquered resulting in a beautiful piece no two alike.

The enchanted forest and the heathergems just hit a ping in my head and come together so beautifully I could believe I’d never seen it before!


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