Three and Four

Firstly apologies for my later posts!

Had a fathers hectic few days, but the sun has been shinning and the weather has been hotter than France ! Now thats saying something for little old Dundee!! So this week is graduation week and I’m finally getting a chance to catch up on my posts sitting in Starbucks watching everyone in there robes getting marched in by the local pipe band! Can’t believe that will be me next year!! Good luck to all designers heading down to new designers next week ! I wish you all the best! 

So number three, 

Rosie Kimber 

Rosie is origin orally from Gloucestershire but is now based in Dundee.  Her degree show work was inspired by the ideas of Liminality.
Her work looks so precious using fragile sugar crystals which she leaves to cluster over her work, which you can’t help but want to touch! She then goes on to cast  these clusters into resin so that it gives the wearer something to keep as it preserves these beautiful crystals giving the wearer something that would in normal circumstanced disintegrate! How about that eh!! She combines these with pink silicone and resin Rosie sets the crystals in precious metal which makes these pieces so exquisite and a joy to wear! Go Rosie so looking forward to seeing what she comes up with next!





Number Four!

Rebecca Smith

Rebeccas work was the most emotional for me! I really felt moved by her inspiration influenced by the love letters her grandfather sent to her “nana” throughout the Second World War and training through the Royal Air Force. Something I can relate to as I have heard many stories from my own grandparents doing some thing similar! I am lucky enough to still have my grandparents and every moment and story with them is so precious. Making a piece of jewellery that you can carry with you to remind you of this is a truly captivating idea! 
She uses a process of enamelling and laser etching in her work. Rebecca uses a fantastic amount a colour in her work which are all influence by the time frame of her letters the vintage colour she incorporates into her work really complements the pieces with writing from the letters etched on so clearly. When you pick up each piece its like its full of memories. 
If you had the pleasure to go to the Degree Show you would have seen all the letters displayed in her space many memories all written down to be kept for always. 



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