Significance of Henna or Mehendi

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Henna is a widely known decorative material used to beautify hands and feet. It is also known by the names of Mehndi and Mylanchi. Fetched from a bush known as Lawsonia Inermis, Henna leaves are dehydrated and crushed to form henna powder. Then water is added to form a thick Henna paste. In ancient era the Henna paste was used to provide comfort in the diseases related to the blood circulation and various other pains. Today, Henna has got an entirely different usage and significance. Nowadays, Henna is used for beautifying hands, legs and dyeing of hairs all across the world and especially in Indian Subcontinent. Plastic or paper cones are used for beautifying hands and feet, and small brushes are put to use when it comes to dying hairs.

Application of henna on the hands and feet of bride, one night before the wedding ceremony is the most common…

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