South Indian Traditional Jewellery – A Masterpiece of Ancient India

Shree Vishal Jewelers

Jewellery in India has been an unbroken tradition for over many years. Such is the talent of South Indian jewellers that with time, the leaves and real flowers left by our ancestors inspired them to recreate the gifts of nature in gold and silver. Earlier, in India people handcrafted ornament out of natural materials found in plenty all over the country. By the 3rd century BC, India was the leading exporter of gemstones, especially diamonds. Gold was generally imported into the country, a practice common even during the Mughal period. In India, ornament is made practically for every part of the body. The range of ornaments in India differs from religious one to purely aesthetic one. Ornaments was not only handcrafted for humans but also for the gods, horses and ceremonial elephants. The craft of ornament was given a royal patronage right from the ancient times because in India ornament…

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