Luckenbooth Brooch

luckenboothI began looking into the luckenbooth Brooch and its design to try and use this as inspiration for my design.Looking from a different angle. I began looking into double/triple finger rings and liked the impression of the ring being significantly noticeable .

Explaining the design…

With the concept of my ring in mind. I knew there were certain elements I wanted to bring into my design.
The First being that I wanted to use wood in my design as I had used in in previous projects and have grown fond of using it. I like the idea of working with natural objects.

The idea of using wood in this project was the wood dies  if its not nurtured  and so this represents the ‘dying language and traditions’ on the design sketches you can see a darkened part of the wood – oak .
This will hopefully be achieved with a homemade steel and vinegar stain. The darkened part of the oak is representing the decaying of wood in likeness to tradition.

The second element was that I wanted to use the dying language of Gaelic in my work. I have chosen one of the ancient sayings to me which I felt fit in with my narrative well ‘an ni chi na big, s’ ehinabig’ translating into – ‘what the little ones see, the little ones do’ this saying I felt grasped the theme I was looking for the representation of that what our children see us doing and what we teach them is of great importance to keep the scottish tradition alive.Its what is passed from generation to generation that is important. I intend to engrave this saying into my piece . With this thought in mind I began looking into double and triple rings and the saying I wanted the engraving to be rather  predominate in my design.

The third element is using the design inspiration from a traditional heirloom- the luckenbooth brooch. Passed down from mother and father to child over and over the luckenbooth brooch design dates back centuries. A very important part to our culture and history which is a easy recognisable symbol. Not one which everyone knows the story behind but a symbol which most people young and old recognise today.
The Design is based on looking at the brooch from a different angle. Already looking at double and triple rings designs. By simply looking at the luckbooth from a different angle I began to piece my design together.

The ring design below is the first sketch of my final design.
Based on the luckenbooth brooch a symbol which is easily recognisable.
The design is of two rings made from oak each piece is a double barrelled ring,  made to be worn together with the two inner rings on the middle finger. The engraving on the rings is split into two. The engraved saying  chopped in half on each side. They are only read when placed together or viewed on an angle. The oak being stained on each ring representing the dying tradition that needs to be kept alive  and the saying only read when placed together representing that it is up to us as generations to come together and keep tradition alive.

Design initial final with luckenbooth brooch

Design initial final with luckenbooth brooch



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