History and Symbolism A new world for jade

Firstly a brief history of the stone…HetianJadeHunter


Jade – often called ‘the dream stone’ – has been prized for 8,000 years and is valued around the world, not simply for its beauty but also as a talisman; Chinese athletes attended the Olympics with Hetian jade for luck and health!

The very special Hetian jade – sometimes called Nephrite is the same as the royal jade chosen by the Imperial Emperors of the Forbidden City Palace from the Ming to Qing dynasties, and comes from Xinjiang’s Hetian region, around the Kunlun Mountains.

Hetian jade started out as the mineral tremolite. During volcanic eruptions, streams of lava containing tremolite would have mixed with minerals when they flowed from the volcano, affecting the colour. Thus as well as the beautiful olive green loved by millions, Hetian jade is sometimes found in a rare and wonderful translucent white, and a glistening black.

Researching into the meanings of jade.

The Jade I will be working with in my project is Hetian Jade.

Designing  with a piece of jade I felt with this project I wanted to incorporated a strong feeling of a relationship with myself and the piece. The meanings of Jade.

Beauty Nobility Perfection Constancy Power Immortality

Jade carries a sweet, light and nourishing energy that can feel very healing, it protects and supports loving heart energy.

The message of jade is ‘ LOVE AND ACCEPT YOURSELF’

With this in mind I found that Jade and Myself had a connection. I – myself am very spiritual. This was immediately something that I wanted to bring into my piece as it was a stone that has a lot of meaning with spirituality in China.One of the connections that was most obvious to me was the I do Reiki.

Reiki originated from China. I wanted use this link to continue with my designs.Alongside this project I am researching into my own cultures identity with traditions are heirlooms. Within this research I found that In some cultures, Jade is believed to capture a piece of the wearer’s spirit deep inside the stone. What a great heirloom to pass on to future generations.

Researching into the symbols of Reiki  the one symbol that stood out to me is the Treste.
The Treste Symbol is the Crown Chakra. It means clearing the mind, opening up to new ideas and thoughts and a mental cleaning.

Jade jewellery in my research to be honest is not been given its best chance in my opinion in the jewellery world. There is little modern designs with it and not many contemporary jewellers use it. This is find rather sad with a stone that has so much history and meaning that has been brought throughout hundreds of  years it should be brought into the western culture more!

So with this design/piece I intent to bring Jade into western society with a more modern approach but still holding a symbolic and empowering feel.


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