Sum UP!

Allocated the designer Anastasia Young. The main
inspiration I took from her work overall  was her engraving and her
use of recycled/found objects. Taking her inspiration from various things  Ms Young
loves recreating things from recycled objects and making
them something beautiful.

I was inspired to use two main materials which was cogs and bolts.
With further research and sampling I was drawn to using the cogs more and liked
the idea of bringing in wood to my work.
Experimenting with wood and cogs trying different variety of height and sizes. Tried to bring in bone to my samples here but felt it didn’t fit right into the path I was going down,IMG_1766

I then came to engraving pieces to try a different approach to getting the cogs design across.
Laser cutting onto wood I found very effective. Also experimented with acrylic on the laser cutter attempting to create my own cogs. When engraving the wood in the laser the wood colour itself was taking on too much of the design which I didn’t want. With this I looked into other woods. Ebony was I wood that I found worked well with what I was trying to achieve but it was very expensive.
IMG_8321 (800x533)

Moving on from ebony research I encountered a fabulous thing called wood stain!
Ebony wood stain to be exact. With this I treated the wood I was using then brought it into the laser cutter and Voila!
It was exactly the sort of thing I was aiming for. But how to piece them together? With the idea of bringing bolts back into my work to perhaps join them together I dislike them once pieced together. It was too big and intimidating. Trying to get smaller bolts proved to be difficult so I moved on.
IMG_8323 (800x533)IMG_8173 (640x427)

Coming forward with the ebony stained cogs I reduced the size and brought them back into the laser.
almost reducing the size by 75% this was something I now felt I could make some prototypes out of. Piecing the wooden cog circles together  I encased them in brass. Wanting to keep the element of the cogs a main theme I also added them into my work as my recycled piece.



One response to “Sum UP!

  1. Such a good work, I really like it, the way that you try to find response at your problems and how you redesign your piece in function of your expectation is really clever and really professional. The final render is really nice too. Well done!


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