The Prototypes

IMG_8179 (640x427) IMG_8180 (640x427) IMG_8182 (640x427) IMG_8187 (427x640) IMG_8186 (427x640) IMG_8185 (640x427) IMG_8190 (427x640) IMG_8191 (427x640) IMG_8184 (640x427) IMG_8183 (640x427) IMG_8192 (427x640) IMG_8199 (640x427) IMG_8188 (427x640) IMG_8189 (427x640) IMG_8201 (640x427) IMG_8212 (640x427) IMG_8198 (427x640) IMG_8195 (640x427) IMG_8214 (640x427) IMG_8213 (640x427) IMG_8197 (640x427) IMG_8210 (640x427) IMG_8211 (640x427) IMG_8209 (640x427) IMG_8208 (640x427) IMG_8206 (427x640) IMG_8205 (427x640) IMG_8203 (640x427) IMG_8215 (640x427) IMG_8216 (640x427) IMG_8221 (640x427) IMG_8220 (640x427) IMG_8219 (640x427) IMG_8218 (640x427) IMG_8217 (640x427)

So far I have been playing about with placement with the tiny cog pieces I have made in various different ways. The initial idea I had was to create a much larger piece(s) with them but now I have downsized I feel as if that would take the sense of them being fragile away.Still playing with the idea of layer with and without the tiny bold and screws I took some variations of the samples on and off the body.


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