After playing with my laser cut wooden cogs! In search of darker wood a fellow jeweller kindly gave my a small piece of ebony wood to try out with my work! Which being a much more extreme wood as it is very hard! Looking into ebony wood it is defiantly the colour of wood I was aiming for! Trying to get more of this wood was potentially difficult with the time left and the prices as after all still a studying jeweller! So when there is a wood there is a way! If you can’t find real ebony FAKE IT! Yes ebony wood stain!20131009-211808.jpg

Rubbing the wood stain over the laser cut pieces which looked great as the engraved image was still left bright and not died which was the effect I was aiming for and pleased with!  The brightness of the copper and brass of the original cogs on the wood gave a similar effect to the engraved pieces.   Result!  The only problem I found was the wood I was using was not as smooth so the grain was too rough. When stained it the grain was too visible. On the hunt I went to visit the lovely man in the wood work department to see if I could find a smoother grain which he was ever so kind to give me! So with this stained smooth grain wood I wanted to created something that would still bring a metal into the samples! With this in mind I decided that the wood needed a finishing so I encased the wood cogs in brass which I felt when done with each wooded piece would look quite effective!… The thing in order to finish the design for this project was how do I connect these pieces together? And the thought came to me to use screws and  bolts!!! Previously looking at screws and bolts at the beginning or the project but felt no ?inspiration/interest to work with them or trying to combine them I found wasn’t working so I left them and continued with the cogs. Now bringing them back into my piece it all fits and I’m so glad that I can finally bring them all together in a way I am happy with.


One response to “Ebony!!!

  1. the whole design and manufacturing process is lovely to look at. the shapes and detail you have created are extremely pleasing to the eye. although you have used recycled sources, the final outcome has a futuristic feel too


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