Samples Samples Samples


Starting off the week in the workshop today creating samples.
I decided to stick with just the cogs after looking into the bolts I found myself more eager to stick with them as I felt they had real potential.
As much as I loved the findings of these tiny pieces with what looks like rubies in them. I found them to be just a tad too small perhaps with more time I would research into more work with them. I really liked how delicate the settings are and the shapes of the remaining pieces of watch parts. They have such intriguing  shapes



These  samples I created today are laser cut pieces. I laser cut acrylic  2mm clear at the setting of power 17% PPI of 500% and Speed of 17.0. I also took the round wood that I had collected into the laser and with the same settings but changed to the engraving setting I engraved the images of cogs onto the wood. This I found very successful and feel that it could be repeated and with multiples look lovely!
The darkened pieces you see are cogs on the wood then burned with the torch to create a shinny black effect! I liked the intensity of this but when tried on the smaller pieces didn’t work so well as the wood was different and didn’t create the same effect.

Once having all these pieces together I began placing the cogs that I had purchased in the  samples I had stared creating.  I like the idea of placing the scale and height? Also found when attempting to rivet some of these pieces together I found the wood to be very versatile and too soft for riveting looking into ways to change this perhaps a different kind of wood rather than just plywood? I had a small supple of ebony wood that is the other extreme. Also a darker wood which meant that I can perhaps get the darker effect I am looking for. The tiny metal cogs seem to pop out a lot more against the black background.


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