A Day In The Workshop!

photo 2 Today I spent  my first day in the workshop beginning samples. I did some photo etching, oxidisation, worked with some cow bone, cogs and some wood. So for starters the cow bone has been treated. The process of being boiled to take the excess meat off, the bone marrow taken out and then bleached white and left to dry. From there I then took to bone and some sanding paper and sanded it back to a 400 which made the bone feel super smooth and I really liked the feel of it and also the way it looked much more of a smooth matt texture! something that I could perhaps continue with.

Photo Etching was the second part of my day. I etched a piece that had been taken into illustrator and edit so see how far a could take playing with the images of cogs I had previously taken. One image in particular took a shine in my work and I really want to investigate into it further the shape more than anything …photo 3 (2)

 Once etched I then oxidised it with liver of sulphur, then rubbed back with some steel wool. A process I find worked quiet well and will defiantly be exploring more of!


photo 4photo 3

The previous drilled holes in the wood I had worked on when photographing the cogs. Gave me great inspiration to play with smaller wood and heights in which I could bring the cogs into even in a kinetic way. I like the idea of bringing them together to make them move again in a piece… bringing all pieces of wood, bone and metal means a lot to me in this project as I feel it is something that is important in this project.


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