Summer done and dusted.

With this summer well out the way third year of univesity has begun.This year our first jewellery project brief is each student is designated a designer for the semester to research into and be inspired from. My jeweller for this semester is Anastasia Young. A jeweller from Stirling, Scotland who is known for her intricate and irregular jewellery which she combines with metal mechanical components, ‘found’ natural objects and most of these pieces are often embellished with engraving and precious stone. She is also well known for her boxed installations under the title ‘Experiments from the Spiders’ Laboratory’. A continue on from this exhibition she keeps a “Spider Diaries” in which she documents the process of spiders and her surroundings. mbr2detail[1]bangles910[1]MC The main areas I am aiming to focus on are the two collections I find most inspiring and the numbers in which she incorporates into all her work. The names of the series’ I’m focusing on are Machina Collection and Music Box Series. The other main area I’m aiming to focus in on is the numbers which she works into all her pieces.


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